It’s Longer Then A Tree Read Count : 39

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Childrens
What’s wrong with my nose. My mom sense something isn’t right. Till she finds out I not telling the truth. That growth is bigger like cartoon. I got punished after school. The longer my nose grow large. Outside with my sister. Watching her playing barbie dolls. I telling her some news. And my nose begins to grow again. She laugh and said Go away. Quit lying about your love life. I look wise in my eyes. Notices the shadow longer like a bat. In my chair at the dinner. Watching mom and dad talking. Now it’s my turn to tell about my day. On till my nose poke brother in his eye. At the hospital waiting for my brother to be help. The whole family looking at me disappointed. Too much lies ain’t good for myself. I got to start telling the truth. No matter where I go. The growth won’t stop like a plant.


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