My Cell Phone Is A Snake Read Count : 37

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Sub Category : Pop
Just got a newer cell phone with touch screen and auto play programs. Reading information about the plans and selecting $99.00 a month. Guess what, Alexa respone and helping everything in the app. On till one day in the mall hanging around with my friends. Notices something isn’t right with my cell phone. Got a message from my text said Get rid of this cell phone service. And I laughing like it was a joke. When my friends playing prank jokes games. The error pops up on my app stores. I trying to order my food. I called the phone service it’s was the world busy tones till it’s hangs up. The number showing up like Matrix The Movie. And I stretching my head. Then the police information showing up on pops up with an numbers going insane. I drop my mouth and wonder who’s this. This phone sent me a senior nude pictures. I spits my drink outer my mouth with a laugh from my older brother.


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