No, No, No Read Count : 32

Category : Songs

Sub Category : reggae
I hearing N.O in the voice. And got a hissing cat. So much turn downs in our home. With a rule number one. Can’t get a Y.E.S in the master mind. Just like on the table with tuna fish. Why can’t I even hearing they say the good old word. Just like the board filled with no. My mom drives me crazy. When I wanted a diamond ring. She shake her head and said Go ask you boyfriend. He said No. Sorry baby I’m broke. What happen to yes doll face. The mouse trying to grab some cheese. With a letter said Hack no. Poor little animal gots angry. With fussing and throwing tantrums. The question on our heads. Who stole the word yes. The blessing turns into worse. Just like kids wanna stay home from school. The bad dream I just have. So much no’s in my head. Sweating bad with a huge scream.


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