Quit Making Noise Read Count : 52

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
Trying to sleeping in my bed. Till the sound weaves shaking my ears. Waking up wondering what the noise coming from. Till I notices there’s a party next door. I tossing and turning in my bed. Trying to sleep. My eyes is red with anger. I walking next door and bang few times on their door. When a drunk neighbor open the door. She was nude and nasty with her booze. I telling her to turn the sound down. And put some clothes on next trick. Nasty funky a## fool smelling like crap. It doesn’t making any sense to blasting all night long. Get a house you loud tramp. Walking my way back to my apartment. Going back to sleep on till the noise started again. I calling the cops on that girl. With the bang on her door and their music finally turns off. Hearing everybody running from the cops. After the sound is calming down. And she in hands cuff talking crap. I laughing and said Have fun in jail tonight. We sick of your loud music in that place.


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