Stone Head Read Count : 70

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Childrens
Once’s was a stone create by people. Millions years ago got a name from the Gods. So many legends in Easter Island. Rule over people and village of all. The main grey stature got large with its growth. People begins to worships with joy and praise. Even little children at school study about stone heads. Little girl name Mindy got the good grade for stone head. Teacher reading a story about the land with holidays. Celebrating with Easter Island. All the legends arrive in the past. Gifts and foods for feast on giving. Even animals joins with happiness. Welcome all to the land with stone got build. In the future people comes to visits. The land filled with many stone heads. Got a picture with a smiley one. Looks like granddad on his vacation. And he laughs to chase me down. The stone filled with past of time. Just like others statutes are create too.


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