The Sun Picking Up Heat Read Count : 49

Category : Songs

Sub Category : reggae
In the world wonder why it’s very hot. Notices the land of Egypt dry without water. The brightest light is too close in our earth. I’m thirsty and dying without any water to drink. People drinking water from an fire pipes. Dirty or not the heat weave is picking up. I need to survive from the hundred degrees heat. Without my water I complaining and crying on the ground. But it’s too hot. The balls is bigger and closer to earth. I’m worry about the sand storm. Sitting inside my house. In the tub filled with cold water. The shadow nowhere to be found. So much shiny over our town. Wish to having a cool breeze near by me. But the sun is bringing all the worries in our land. Without water fruits and vegetables. Their breaking apart. Animals looking for water to drink. Bulls escaping the heat.


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