Walking Alone The Forest Read Count : 52

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Pop
In the forest like Eve explore the land. So much animals free with living on paradise. No clothes and city I from. Just me alone with nature. Waterfalls in the lonely side. Jumps in for the swim. Sunshine over my head. Travel to the field with mountains. I wish to paint the picture and give away. Vision myself flying around with birds. Monkeys joins together around with their families. The kingdom is where I’m from. A princess of nature. If I have the key to servive alone in the biggest planet. A friend just like Adam. Take him to the inner cave with suppries. With glowing rocks shine over us. And special kiss from me. The land with forest. Birds flies to heaven. Friendly animals together in the field. Picking fruits and vegetables to eat together. May not have clothes to wear. Still living on the land.


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