Why Do Grown Man Cry Read Count : 45

Category : Songs

Sub Category : R&B/soul
Sweet memories put tears in the eyes of the brother. You trying to be tough with women. But there a soft side of you. Even laughing turns into tears from your smile. It’s ok everybody, man got a shoulder to lean on. When he’s sad. When emotions takes over you. Hearing the bad news from lost of love ones. Turns into sour. Feeling lovely at times with no friends to talking on the phone. Hidden the smile from the friendly clown. One of the sickness gets you stress out a lot. He wish to be strong and not a crying baby. It’s ok to cry when days isn’t right. Man sitting here alone from the bus stop and crying filled with sorrow. The homeless man gets upsets without any supports. When it’s raining and thunder frightening you with tears. Sweats from the pain is hurting your body aches. Watching the movie when a man gets attacked and murder. When relationship falling apart to put worries in your eyes.


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