Seven Women With Different Candles Read Count : 78

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The man searching for his chosen bribe. Sisters walking together for the special feast. There’s a gentleman ready to meeting his chosen wife. One sister meet the man and his personality change which she drops her purple candle and rushing out the door. Two sister meet the man and she fells on the ground and the orange candle got broken. The wise men dragged that girl outside. Three sister meet the man and she keeps on talking. The grey candle died out hours later and the man pushes her out his house. Four sister meet the man and she begins to sing a song. The man drops with a frightened look and hides away without saying anything. She drop her red candle and storm out the door. Five sister meet the man and do the belly dances. The man thumbs down and she ran out the house with tears. And he blows the blue candle. Six sister meet the man and draw the picture of love and fame. His eyes wide with anger and throw the picture to her face. She stomping out his house and squeeze the yellow candle. The man was worry he won’t be able to find his true love. Ontill the final seven sister came in with a white candle. She hold his hands to tell the sweetest story. The man smiles with tears of joy and select the seven to be his wife. And the candle didn’t fade away. The man spreads good news to his family and services. Others women were upsetting and downcast. They all ran home with tears in their eyes. All those poor colors candles is burning out and destroy. Only the white candle last forever. The gentleman finally found his soon to be bribe. The End.


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