Battle Good And Evil Read Count : 94

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God vs Satan. I sitting in the dark room and thinking. Vision God battle Satan. Feeling confusing don’t know where to start. Sweats running down from my clothes. Darkness shadow blocking the pathway. See a light shining over my head. Little demons children playing tag of war with the rope. I am tie up between life and death.Asking God to break me free. But the Devil threatens to squeeze my chest. I know the Holy Spirit cares. In the middle of right and wrong. With the help from angels.
Little demons pulling the rope tightly. I listen to God and my soul. I breaking the rope and running into the light. The wonderful spirit save me from dying. The Devil yielding with rage and said This isn’t oclver!!! I stay with my good family of mine. Refuse to died in vien. I got on my knees and say a nice prayer. I said Thank you Lord and angels for saving me.


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