Crumble Mountain Over Million Years Old Read Count : 56

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One of lengend hills we know. Rare mountain ever survive. I notices the rocks keeps rolling down. And I refuse to climb upon top. There’s a open cave where caveman used to live. But shame the mountain is too old. I take a picture of the largest mountain. Didn’t  see no lions on top. Just a rumble noise from the mountain. About to fall down on its final rumble. I pick up the oldest mountain rocks and run to explain in the laboratory. And I drop my mouth the mountain been there forever. I stare up the mountain and tell a story for our history. And write the note to my boss. She wanted me to go into the caveman cave. And I said it’s too risky. They all laughs. But I not stupid. When I take a picture the mountain crumbles to the ground.With an old broken objects and caveman bones.


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