Feeling Unpretty About Myself Read Count : 91

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Bad image on the picture. Staring in the mirror. I wish to be young and beautiful. Sick of the laughs and looks I getting. They called me ugly in my face. If I have a beautiful face people would’ve notices the beauty of me. Cover my skin with make up and lip stick. Trying to fit in with those groups. It’s not cute for me to look so dew. Pimples breaking out and scars on my skins. Bad oil and hairy face. Trying my best to take care of myself. Stress and pressure makes it worse day after day. Crying at night because I a monster. Ain’t nobody wanna to be around me. Ugly smile with extra teeth. Can’t take a picture to keep for life. Myself esteem is very low. Getting tease everywhere I go. I looking like a run down bum. Ain’t no man going smile. He wanna to run from me. Because I a ugly duckling.


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