Gateway To Hell Read Count : 77

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Enter if you dare. I walking deeper to the Devil tomb. One of the lonely grave site I ever seen. The cave so dark with no lights on the torch. Insects crawls on my feet. So much words writing on the wall. Inner room area with maze and rumble. I focus on the hundred feet below the bottom to reach for his main grave. I escape the demon side. Hurting my foot by a stone. Bleeding little bit and lucky I didn’t killed myself. I climb on the left and saw a sacrifice of the newborn baby. Control my moods and anger. I shake my head and said Shame on them. I reach the room of prince and darkness. A lonely grave with red flowers. I open the castle and put a note in where Satan bones lays. When I turned around the Devil wakes up and drags me straight to hell. And the casket close with an evil laugh and smoke.


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