Grab Me An Olive Leaf Read Count : 19

Category : Poems

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A beautiful plant. Smells so good wanna mix with wine. A secert plant on the nice area with weather blooming. Rains during Sundays to keep olive wet. Water drips off on little leaf’s. So pretty to take a picture with a rare yellow bird. Feels like Rome with olive leaf plant. Playing music flute next to the tree. Partly sun shines over my head. With olive leaf makes nice shade. In the field with green glass and big cities. Stare at a mountain with a smile. Put an olive leaf in the basket. Smells so good wanna cook pasta. A rare glory plant on the lonely tree. Till I found the rest of olives too. Two olives are green and black. Paint a picture of a olive leaf. Visit back to the field with my mother. And grab green and black olives. The sense of smells is delightful. And taste delicious.


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