A Black Reaper Spider Read Count : 73

Category : Poems

Sub Category : N/A
Image of a upper skull face. A midnight spider. Remain in the hole with webs. Searching for food to eat. Listen to the footsteps and prey. Strike with a sharp vines to bite. Watch out victim falling down stairs. From an attacker in the mist. A skull skeleton with no eyes. Know it’s time for him to killed. A lonely spider with no heart. Walk away from the nature brothers. Due to the curse and witch craft. Looking for justices to stand and fight. A spider maybe different and dark. He stay away from the crowds. Reaper got a new name. Chasing after children while playing in the woods. Watch out! I’m coming for them. A full grown insect. Web the victims around for food. One main spider sneaks and attacked. Just like a cheap shot from their backs. Poison viper controls no one.


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