Monster House Very Scary Read Count : 36

Category : Poems

Sub Category : N/A
One evil place to live. Looks like a haunted house for Halloween. I shaking like a snake on the ground. With yellow lights of angry eyes. The place is not for me to live in. People moves in and never returns out. Hearing the terrible cries of people screaming help. But it’s too late, they all is dead. Don’t let the spooky place fools you. The house been madness over years. Doors open with an fake beauty and closes like a tricky slam. I sitting next to the old store and watch. Sadly bullies gets caught in the house. Old graves on the side. Crows next to the monster house. Evil place never been chain up. An eyes with the shadow circle pupils. And now a serial killer. Don’t let that place tricks you. Evil laugh…


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