There’s Monster Inside Of Me Read Count : 11

Category : Poems

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Something isn’t right inside my stomach. I can’t having any children. Feeling the punching during the days and nights. Saw an image of a little Devil. With an evil smiles that almost causing my grandparents lives. A worse little creature moving around inside my belly. Eating egg plants and salads. Can’t eat sweets and chips due to illness. My stomach is big like a ball. And the doctor afraid what he are seeing. The monster making weird noises when I sleep. And punching my side like a bat. I have a rough time to rest because of this thing I’m facing. People staying away from me because so much stretch marks on my stomach. His feet and hands are making worse.One of the crazy being in my womb. Witches wanna to keeping him. But I want him in the grave. One of the worse beast inside my stomach. Satan inside my womb.


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