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Remains sleeping without peace. I’m a fan of Egypt. A woman travel with her water jug. The sun is hot like summer and never rains. People are so friendly with good spirits. Head straight into the ruin pyramids with my friend. And he show me the way to the king grave. There was a sad story about this man and I was shock. After he left back out. I begins to walk in. The main door been shut over years. I reading my book to open the door and I was supries about the kings tomb. He got lots of beautiful golds and I didn’t touch those due to curse. I open the tomb and saw a mummy. I shaking a little bit wanna tell him I’m his biggest fan. When I close the tomb that mummy opens back up. I felt something grab me till I find out it was the same mummy. He close the tomb and I lost my breath. My body turns into corpse.


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