A Stalker Watches Every Move Read Count : 8

Category : Poems

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I stares threw her window. In the night fog I stop and looking. A man likes to see women. I don’t wanna to hurt her. Hide in trees like a soldier and looking at the woman laying outside nude. I not in love with her. Just wanted her to know I’m watching. I’m a creep and obsessed. Don’t leave a message on her telephone. Giving her a question mark. Because I am her number one flirt. Walking alone during day to notices the beauty I see. There’s no threats and terror. I’m a visible man. Don’t get too close or else I get caught. Stay in the shadow roof. A man likes what he seeing. Baby I stalking you. No speech and express with flowers. Just unknown man she don’t even know. Looking at the sexy lady. I your stalker forever.


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