The Mermaid Swimming In Sea Read Count : 13

Category : Poems

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The mermaid in the ocean. Fishes swimming around the ruins. A princess lives in her castle. The water is aqua blue with beauty. Watching out for the sharks. Her hair blonde with sunlight and tall for a perfect woman. She swims around the bay and spinning to sing. Someday a mermaid prince will come into her life. A princess dreams of becoming the queen. Her mermaid friends hanging around the clams fields. To see pearls inside. And starfish laying on the ground on till a balloon fish bully him. The sunshine over their heads. And mermaid sitting on a stone. Boats comes from fishermen she rushes away. The princess dances with music to sing. A handsome prince notices her beautiful voice. Two mermaids meets and hope to be marry someday. A mermaid remains in the sea.


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