Two Images Of The White Wall Read Count : 48

Category : Poems

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Many spirits traps inside. I drop with fear in my heart. Two spirits staring at me. I panic running out of my bedroom. Black and white colors change together. At night it’s moves around with an angry forces. Hearing voices and sadness. Is my place haunted chapel. Or is it a dream playing mind games. Black monster with anger green demon eyes. A normal woman half image the wall. Shaking when a demon nun darkness the otherside. These spirits won’t leave the church. The walls is damage by madness. Can’t stare deeper in their eyes. Feeling a cold and hot breathing threw my skin. Hearing the laughs of an wicked woman. Wanna spray the chapel with Holy oil. I rent the building on EBAY. And I can’t just leave the little church. The monster is attacking me.So much black and then white colors. Don’t turn them into a deadly ghosts. Stay away from the dark side.


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