Wild Berries In The Bushes Read Count : 57

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Many colorful fruits. Dark colors and light to taste. Grab me few to smash for drink. Cook and bake for my bread. Shared the second with my family. Wild berries are easy to find. Rather is red, purple, yellow and orange. Eating taste of these berries to give me strength and energy. Drink a berries without poison them. Remove the bad liquid and put in my trash can. Pour liquid in the bottle to make berry wine. And shared to my second husband. The berries is good for my health. Continue grab the right berries for myself. In the beach seeing rare bushes with few colors berries for me to eat and drink. Love the flavors to make berry bread and pie. Berries brights my soul. Eating with red snapper fish. Drink me some wine and berries. No matter what side their from. I will searching for some berries to eat and drink.


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