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Lost their lives due to school shooting. They won the biggest fights. Saving many lives the best they can. Due to rage and terror that strike many lives that day. Hearing the sounds of victory’s calling them home. With the holding hands and carrying by our father of God. Reaching out for them with healing. So many prayers goes out for all families going threw bad battles. The enemies falls in the heat of fire in underworld. With an light shines over their faces falls into the pit from Jesus Christ light. Hearing the shouting of joys in little ones voices and said Thank you for everything. Hope to hear from you someday. After the sadness storm turns the schools into rainbow with sunshine. Little butterflies flying passing their ways. The sounds of singing coming from men, women and children voices. With an angels carrying them home into the heavenly paradise. Clapping your hands for those wonderful heros did their best to saving your children. And same for teachers and others that got killed that day. My heart and soul goes out to all the families crying with tears right now. Your children will always love you. And same for workers that trying their best to be save too. Say no to guns violences. And yes to secure. Every victims got their rights to speakig out for the world. To stop those guns from closure to every schools. It’s so sad many hopes and dreams are rob. There will be a time when one greater person speaks. Knocking down those guns stores. And put an good signs for the world to see. We will always looks at them as special little flowers and people the wonderful hero’s. I know their wonderful parents and families thanking their hero’s and services for rescued lives the best they can. They always their parents blessing.


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