Willow Trees Drying Out Fast Read Count : 50

Category : Poems

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The world senior lady. She old and cover in dark dew brown. Drain all the beautiful trees and glass. Can’t be near roses. A willow walk alone with tears. So much happiness turns into sadness. Little children sense frightening. A woman carry her cane. To remove life out of nature. One of the witches remains in the cottage. Smells of nature drying like fire. No falling leaves just brown. People wonder what’s going on. She not trying to be young and beautiful. It’s time for those plants to rest. Willow wail all things into shame. Brown is her color. And weather isn’t warm. Sitting next to the dead tree. Once’s healthy and now is sick. No happiness in the town. So quiet and confusing. Trees died by a willow old woman. The nature left their world.


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