The Symbol Fluffy Cat Name Is Jibbs Read Count : 15

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One little animal sitting alone. She will give you the major spook. Rather is hidden in the woods or on top of bed flames. Your heart will pound very hard. Don’t go near a rare scary cat. She is there to having you jump with a shout.Around dew season like this. Jibbs is out with secerts or revenge. If you see the same spooky cat, run!!! That rare animal will do the same too. Colors white and light brown with no image, paws and sounds. Just one of the image angry cat spirit ready to attack. No plus signs, they stay away from those. The cat likes to scare people away. One of the biggest frightening in the history. Can’t given her milk, she won’t drink. Just out for justices. That cat doing this for others. Something going on with animals safety. Man, she can jump off hot minute. One of the outdoor cat I know forever. Even my hands feeling funny. I name the cat Jibbs. She knows how to freak people out. With no words on fluffy fur. Shape like a phony tail. That cat is something. Same for a peek-a-boo joke we used to play as kids.


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