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Moring newer future colors in the paradise. The fall rate sun rise brighting my spirit. Two beautiful colors from top and bottom together. Good morning world with visible stars shining in the heavens. Wish to see many fairies flying across the sky. Pink and purple colors I hope to paint someday. In the morong sun rising up before colors changed to normal. Florist and glittering around around my soul. Just like a blooming flowers around spring time. No storm to cover the friendly skies. Just slient and peaceful around me. Picture myself painting the view of nature. With two colors makes sense to me. Same for an funny sheeps in the sky flying passes by with an numbers. In the morning time to wake up on Sunday. Staring at the window and see the future colors. With blessing and showing vision of life. Adore the brightest and darker skies. Thinking about cotton candy to eat for snack. No symbols and threats to put a frown on my expression. Thank you father for this beautiful moring. Sense a present near by. With a happy spirit of angel flying souls home. In the paradise with both newer colors touches all lives forever. Pink and purple colors supprise me that morning.


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