The Smiley Balloon Read Count : 48

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
Looking up in the sky with rest of people. Seeing a smiley balloon crossing our way. On till something odd carry an explosion. We all took off and running for our lives. The so call funny balloon turning deadly. Those houses got blew up as well cars, trucks and buses. Some people were killed. Those balloon are cartoons symbols. And we were panic same for anime too. Seeing ghosts very upsets in the shadow. Some people didn’t servive the impact. That smiley turns into anger. With an box saying Goodbye. We all spreading apart and running as fast. And same for animals too. Zoo animals is under attack. The workers have no choice to release them and escape. Few were attacking people. That balloon was created by a madman. He hated his self too. That balloon won’t stop chasing everybody. No matter where you go that enemy is there. Instead the ground that a safe spot. That giant balloon isn’t funny and cool looking. That thing got a C-4.


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