Break Out At The Beach Read Count : 77

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy
Everybody enjoys the paradise in summer time. No sharks in the sea area. The sky partly with few clouds. Little children playing on the sand. Men surf, playing volleyball and women relaxing doing the same. Till the strange color in the sky looks well…both anime and cartoons. These Whacko groups chasing women. Children ran to their parents. Guys fighting back with beach balls and other stuff. That didn’t work. The boss got kiss by an cartoon fat chick. The crazy part our cities looks different. What on earth is that flying saucer chasing cops. Even my dad panic a lot. I have to guard my cake from bus bunny. It got on those. We are done and man Bleach flirting with that girl in a dot on her upper lips. That’s diease you know. And our area ain’t looking the same ever again. Can’t even enjoy a beach bath.


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