Lady And Others Children Read Count : 17

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
In the after noon, children playing around in the lonely white house . She calling herself a role model and teacher to all those children. She even teaching kids how to read. Till one day her spirit wasn’t as bright. She is a child murder. That lady practice children sacrifices to the demon in a Nile. The little girl is hang in the wild old tree. With the rest of little toddlers boys and girls laying dead on the ground. Others children enter that woman house and never make it out. Even babies been remove from the burning sacrifices alter. That alter burns with little ashes. She is a mad woman pretend to care. Dress in white with a scarf around her head. Others children escape the dangerous woman. Now many parents rushes and notices what she done wrong. People have guns, fire torches and others weapons. That lady must be put down. The man grab her by the neck and killing her. The ring of terror is over. Poor babies and children lost their lives from a liar.


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