Greece Celebration Turns Deadly Read Count : 58

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Drama
In the biggest party during even. The balls and singing of all. Kings and queens adores the dances. Only men and women allow to enter. On till the beautiful sun cover by grey clouds. The goddess attacks the party. No rages lighting in the land. Just poisons and swords to killed off victims. Those Gods from many universes. People were under attacks. Glad no children didn’t come to the party. Too sad and scary. Hearing the screams from people. Soldiers fighting in battles. The king and queen died on their throne with poison inside those cups. The man image of Egyptian God as well others from the upper lands. The nations under attack as well the party where king and queen are celebrating. After all lives are lost. And the war shed many bloods all over the field. Only Greece stones and stains.


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