Prince And His Evil Mother Read Count : 57

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Romance
Guess who this guy. He’s a head of the company and sings music too. A chosen prince rule over many people. Nice services treated him and his future bribe. A beautiful castle with yellow flowers seeds. Till his mother very downward. She doesn’t likes the princess.No relatives, just different family tree. Mom refuse her son become the king. Now her son got upset and he said Mom everything is ok. Mother don’t even like the girl. The princess getting worry about her life. And the prince will do his power to protect her. Till one night the castle was under attack by another emperor. Some services were fighting and killed. The only spot princess runs into the old ruin tower. The storm was rage at night. When the princess running inside for safety . Mom stab the princess to death. Then she rushing to find her son. When the prince see his soon to be bribe dead on the stone. The storm stops and rains continue. With an tear from the prince eyes he attack his mother and killed his self. The clouds clears by. So much cries in the kingdom. There’s no live the king. And the mother, prince and princess were bury around those flowers.


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