Ohio Volcano Read Count : 16

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Drama
I live in the neighborhood over years till I notices the smoke coming from on top of the hill. I told my mom and she laugh. She said Ohio ain’t got no lava girl. Then why the smoke is rising. Not a fire hitting those trees. Other people moving out because they all are worry. And I begins to walk up the hill alone. And proof my mom the ground gonna to open up soon. We are living by a ticking time bomb. When I reach the top smoke coming from the upper hill. Till I notices little lava shooting out. That’s a volcano. I take a picture and mom drop her skillet. We don’t have any money to move out. And dad refuse to help. When I felt something shaking the ground starts to slip open. The lava splashing a lot. I ran and tell my mom forget your stuff and hurry out of our town house. She likes to take her time and that’s worrying me. Instead she ran right back inside for her bag. I scream when the house sink inside the lava. My mom is a goner. The volcano finally exploded and I lost my mom.


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