Ice Breaker Read Count : 39

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Sub Category : Adventure
Down south in winter time. It’s below zero. We study about the change of the weather. And why the storm is stuck on North. Something is going on with our planet. When walking on the board of ice. Notice some breaks apart. I said Oh s***. This isn’t a game my friends. These ice is falling apart. How on earth is we going to the otherside. The snow continues on falling. And temperature dropping even more. I refuse to run into hell. Some people got stuck. And others falls inside. That square blocks isn’t little. Hearing teams panic. Must be an heat somewhere to melt a giant ice cubes. Blizzards creeps on around nights. I call for help but no service available. I was worry about everybody. That storm is coming and we will freeze to death. The ice breaker is very hard to cross.


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