Blob Virus On The Wall Read Count : 17

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
What on earth is that dark bloody red with ooze coming out of the corner. The blob had an green acid liquid out. I was too scare. Two in the different area from the wall. Is that a growth bacteria dripping like that. The smell of germs spreading all over my bedroom. Till I saw a big bug host looks like a worm rushing straight into the hive. I place my hands in my mouth then run. Till the main giant hive number two over my head. I couldn’t escape. The whole oozes splash all over my skin. I couldn’t move due to heat. The whole room was infected by an outbreak. I couldn’t used a spray to killed that thing. The hive shape like a bee comb. And I was under attack by the poison that taking my life. How on earth a worm host can live inside that ooze. The blood like poison spreads all over my bedroom.


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