Escape The Tribes Read Count : 65

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Thriller
In the jungle with rest of my students. Explore the ruins cities. We walking straight into the jungle with monkeys swinging back and forth around those trees. And watch out for preys. We know the situations. When enter the city we explains the history of life and death. Others teachers couldn’t make it due to meeting. After walking around those cities and temples. We headed to the next location. On till got cought by groups of tribes soldiers. We panic I was worry what going to happen with us all. They weight the man and chopped him to death. We all screaming of terror. What kind of person cannabis people. In the center of village area. Men, women and children stare at us as foods. We have to find a way to escape or else. While soldiers guarded areas and trees. We pretends to sleep at night. I grab a knife from my bay and cut the back of those wooded cage. We all make a run for. Those soldiers chasing after us and shooting poison darts and arrows. Few students got strike. I have no choice but jump from a waterfall. Lucky my head didn’t crack open. I escape as well few others. They not an welcome people. Leaving out that country alive.


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