Poison Spider Inside The Shoe Box Read Count : 23

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
At the shoe store with my mom, brother and little sister. The light wasn’t on. Only few people working around the store. That Indian guy kept staring at my mom. While we spreading apart and looking at some shoes. Notices the place have some spider webs all over those shoes shelf. I see this really cool shoe I wanted. When I open the box that black and white spiders crawling out. Different groups crawling out of the shadows. The others one inside others shoes. My little sister started to scream. The cashier worker is dead. The store was damage over years. Must been a dream of the store with those spiders. We trying to escape but we is surrounded by many spiders. My mom is biting and same for little sister. Brother trying to fight back with the bloom in his hand. I was surrounded too. I got caught in the web. I trying to escape but that was too late. We all was into a spiders trap problem.


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