Major Storms At Night Read Count : 22

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Thriller
Waking up at night feeling our apartment building moving. I yielding at my brother. But he laugh and going back to sleep. There’s a storm coming and the winds is  getting stronger. Those building rocking back and forth. There’s no moon in the sky. I have to find my way down stairs where another building stands. When I reach below people getting ready to leave that side. The flood is coming too. I shaking with fear. Something was going on here. Hearing children yielding for help. I ran as fast down stairs and notices the water rushing in from the next level. Some of those rails are damage. I trying my best to save a child. Till the water rushing on down. It was too late to walking up stairs together. I see that kid is hurt. Blood rushing down on the side from his head. Others drown somewhere. It’s a shame those people didn’t make it. We have no choice to swim our way below and straight out of the building. Till it’s too late the building collapsed on us. The storm killed and destroyed every city.


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