Floating Library Books Read Count : 55

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
In the library morning about to read and study. I got exam coming up. On till that sun shine hours later. That book start to floating side by side. Across to another book shelf. I drop my mouth wonder is that a ghost. On till they all start to speeding with scary teeth wide open. I run to grab my favorite book. And that monster chasing me. Almost got hit by one. Some was on the ground couldn’t moves. With those books open. I refuse place some back in the shelf. People ran out of the library. I fight back. Used another book to smash those down. Few people and children was trap. Those books are bad news. My hands and feet feeling really funny. While hearing the loud sounds from those shelf. Our books trying to kill us. I save trap alone. I didn’t have nothing to push them away.


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