The Boy Playing Musical Flute Read Count : 41

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Childrens
The city is over run by rats. People Useding poisons that didn’t work. Mouse traps got an rat wonder. But still refuse to leave. People cheese been destroy by rats. They wish to have many cats but the main problem. These people eats them. And one day a little boy sitting on a stone playing a musical flute. The sound can be heat a miles away. People searching for the child. And ask him to gets those Pestis rats out of their city. That kid laughs and said Ok. While woman on chair weaving the bloom side by side. The kid begins to play the flute. Rats notices the music in the air. They all dancing and follow the kid out from the city. Even the fat one stop eating cheddar cheese. After many rats follow the boy with his flute. Everybody cheers with joy. No longer a rats issue people homes and works. While those rats kept traps inside each cages. The boy continues playing his musical flute.


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