Mysterious Black Box Read Count : 56

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
In the storage room filled with boxes. Hearing strange sounds coming from the others rooms. I searching alone for jewelry’s and golds. Till I found a rare black funny box with eyes. I pick one up, must be  a question mark. On till eyes moves around and sharp teeth opens wide. I shout for help. And few people panic too. I slam that thing on the ground. And the second box trying to bite me. Seeing an couples zombies passing by. One trying to charge attack but the door was security lock. Till it’s opens with an switch. People got attack left and right. I got to fight for my life. I run straight into the second room. There’s gores and bloods all over the floor. The security alarm kept ringing. With so many screaming the rest of walkers enter the room I in. I throw those monsters boxes at them. They refuse to eating dead humans. They all infected. The other rooms lights is off. Only seeing ghost telling me to escape on top. I trying but it’s too late. I got attack by those monsters. Didn’t make it out safe.


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