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On a trip with the crews. Rolling the boat to the streams. Notices the great large stone on top of the cliff. Must be a ruin at the otherside. I sense a present nearby. And seeing an image figure of a man. We park our boats on the side to check it out. Climbing up to the old hill and reach for the top. Till we all spotted the vampire grave and ruin castle. We all cheers and taking a tourist. Notices the building is very old and standing. I stare at the main picture of the handsome prince. My friend smiles with giggles. I walk out of the castle and feeling the chilly breezes threw my spine. I shaking a lot. And we decided to coming back at night. The street lights have a few shines. And not so many people coming out at night. Just a nightfall and the upper dark castle with visible eyes. Seeing many bats flying around. Till the hunter telling us to get inside and be aware that man is a killer. Others are worry and some not afraid. Till I see a vampire bat form into the man. I wanna know who wake the prince up with purity blood. My friend did cut herself while on boat early. Few crews were out at night searching for blood. I have no choice to guard my friend. But it’s too late. The vampire took her by his wings. She apart of his love life. I walk away after lock my window we got so upset our friend no longer alive.


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