We Saw A Shadow Read Count : 49

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
During even hours the shadow over thrown the ground. My grandparents always says Watch out from that shadow or your soul will be snatched out into the darkness. And I know what that means. When another spirit hops inside my body. And I looking down only see a dot not my matching body. Till some blackness hands swip me under. And I push the same person unknown out. I was worry. I not in my world. That ghost on earth. Shadow is sneaking. Notice the eyes form black into normal. That spirit isn’t me. My mom wasn’t safe. I see danger within my soul. I trying to reach up but couldn’t. The even shadow kidnapped me. What kind of crap did I do. Even animals looks odd too. That dog is a enemy. With an evil barking sound. Poor neighbor afraid to come out. Even cats got the same attitude too. Wanna hissing at others people. Our animals been misplace. Storm the best ways to disappears those shades. No shadows around nights only days. Got trouble by mom. That’s what that false image gets. Lol.My parents don’t play around.


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