There Something Under My Floor Read Count : 23

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
Inside my bedroom watching tv. Notice a large hump on the wooded floor. I yielding my dad and boyfriend. They rushing inside my bedroom. There an odd objects under my floor. Just notices the lumpy and strange sounds coming from. And we begins to ripped our floors apart one by one. Till we saw many old objects and junks. The music box playing songs. Few old drugs needles not safe. Notes and books were writing in the past. Baby products and nine months clothes. I open the music box notice something is broken. Still continue making music with an spinning girl. My boyfriend throw away so many junks. I wish was money on the ground. My dad kept that game board with a note said Don’t touch. And we continue to ripped off the others wooded off our floor. Got my back itches very worse. So much stuff under us all. How on earth they do that. The floor were clean and couldn’t  put the damaged woods. Notices a symbol in the floor I standing on. Is our apartment a curse or practice in the past. We mop the floors to cleaning up the mess. But the main problem the symbol couldn’t comes off. Must create so much humps all over the floors.


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