The Flat Tree Read Count : 58

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
I walking with my friends sense something strange inside the woods. I only ten for a little boy like’s to playing Robin Hood. When we decided to take a walk. We seen few trees and a center flat one. I wonder know what on earth is those. On till one of my friend step forward to the center. I said This isn’t a good idea. This boy laughs then those trees join him in circle and disappear. We all screaming at the same time. I calling his name no answer. We ran as fast to get help. But others people refuse to go back in the woods. I told his mother and she got angry at us. She went in too. Then never returns out. Seeing visible spirits laughing repeatedly. And said Be aware of the otherside with cannabis and monsters. I panic, my best friend and his mom are trap. I have no choice to jump inside. The upper top from the flat tree turning dark. And I enter the other world with mushrooms houses with darkness paths. The little man wonder what on earth I doing here too. I was searching for my best friend and his mom. He said Be aware of demons and monsters with one eye carry an large hammer. Go trap yourself in the cage. I broken into tears. Just want my friends and going on home. Seeing my friend and his mom trap in the cage. Surrounded by enemies. I couldn’t getting them out alone. I got to come up a better plan or it’s too late.


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