Walking Alone At Night Read Count : 75

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Sub Category : Adventure
I need some air to breathe. Leaving my house around midnight. So dark no one is outside around this hour. Only dogs barking outside. Full moon and clear skies. The woods looks so spooky. Walking miles place to place. Stores are close can’t buying me any drinks. I listen to my inner self. Seeing homeless people resting in boxes. I feeling so sorry for them. Someday they be bless with a wonderful home. Just got to have faith. I continue on walking alone the side till my feet hurting. Sitting on the bench for a minute till others cars passing me by. I refuse for a ride and he said Be careful out there miss. Then I continue on walking my to the upper hill where the stairs way at the dead end. The hill was tough and my feet hurting. I headed up to the top. The sun started to shine early morning. Sitting on the main old bench and look at the view. The city and neighborhoods so beautiful. I wish to taking a picture of the view. If I can paint my picture to sale for famous people. After a hour break I headed back on down from the side stairs. And hearing birds singing the morning songs. I notices the word good morning. On my way back home and about to sleep alone. My feet doesn’t even hurting no more. Falling into a deeper sleep. Took a longer walk for the night.


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