Church On Fire Read Count : 65

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Drama
Notices the flame upon the sky. Smelling smokes far from my house till the main large building we all know got destroyed by the fire. Is God angry at those people in church. Or sinners causing so much rain with fire. People knows the change in faith of others. Throw away their holy blessing turning into terror. Lust, thief’s, judgments, murders and disbeliefs shows up in the wrongful ground. The cross disappear as well our angels. With tears of sadness over runs the nations. I sense spirits running from the flame. With visible panic drags them by. I Walking home and talking to my parents with tears of sadness in their eyes. My heart is broken too. The devil turning our church into madness. When the clouds passing by with rain drops in the sky. People walking by with a frowning faces. And hear the second groups of joy sings praises “Holy God Is Lord”. With music turning the sky into clear. Smiling children shouting with joy. Don’t have to worry no more of the evil church. The Paster screaming with rage. Almost got strike by God. We knows he doesn’t like ugly. And the idol no good in his heart. After the smoke clears up only ruin building on the ground. And standing tall the holy cross. Sense a joy into my soul. That unclean spirit went away to afterlife.


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