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There are so many different accessories that you need for your boat. A good GPS system, marine fuel bladders, life jackets and more are all must haves. If you want to get the most out of your trips on the water though, you've got to have a good beverage cooler. After all, once you're out on the waves and ready to relax, what's better than some cold drinks to kick back with?

Once you've picked up that fuel bladder for boats and your navigation equipment, you want to make sure that you have the very best beverage cooler for your craft, too. Here are five of the best coolers on the market right now, so you can have a cold one no matter how far out to sea you are. 

1.	YETI Tundra 65 Cooler

YETI are one of the biggest names out there when it comes to coolers. The Tundra 65 is one of their mainstay offerings, and something that the vast majority of boat owners want to have on their boat. 

These coolers are very much built to last, so once you have one you know it'll stay the course. Reviews online also say that it's easy to clean too, so once you're back on land you can get it ready for the next trip. 

What's really impressive about this cooler is just how long it can keep those drinks cool. Some reports state that ice has lasted 3 or 4 days in it, even in summer temperatures. That way, you can easily leave the cooler on the deck if needs be. This is thanks to the 'permafrost' insulation that's used in these coolers, as well as the fact the walls are sturdy and well made. 

The only downside to this cooler is that once it's full, it does get heavy. If you have help moving it though, that isn't a problem.

Many boaters have found that this cooler is just as essential as fuel bladders marine or life jackets for their set up. Along with that fuel bladder for boats, you may want to pick one of these up.

2.	Igloo Marine Ultra Family

Here's another cooler that experienced boaters class as essential, along with their fishing sonar systems and marine fuel bladders. One of the best things about it is its price point. While it offers all the features that you want from your cooler, it's still easy on the wallet. That's something that you want when you're fully kitting out your boat. 

You can get some great accessories for your cooler too when you pick this up. These include things like rally wheels and extendable handles, which make the cooler act much like a luggage trolley. You can even get drink and fishing rod holders on it too. 

Another benefit is that there are several different size variations too. That's good news for anyone who has limited space on their boat, especially after adding in essential features such as fuel bladders marine. You can choose the size that works for you here. 

Do be aware that this cooler doesn't have any interior insulation, so it's not going to keep your drinks as cold as others would. Reviewers have said that it can still keep drinks cold for a good two days with ice in it though, so you'll still find it's the best option for shorter trips. 

3.	Coleman 3000001846 Portable Cooler

Here's another great option if you're looking for something that's affordable and can fit in your budget along with the fuel bladders marine, and all the other things you need for your boat. The cooler is recommended for drinks and seafood, so it's a good option for those looking to store their catch until they get back to land. 

These coolers are known for being really easy to clean, so no matter what you've stored in them getting them cleaned up is a breeze. Then, you're ready to take it out with you on your next trip. There are other very handy features too, such as cup holders in the lid and a sturdy handle for ease of moving the cooler around. 

Some have commented that the plastic used in these coolers isn't the sturdiest, which makes sense when it's a budget cooler. If you're taking good care of it though, it shouldn't be a problem. 

4.	Pelican Products Progear Elite Cooler

If you're buying any equipment for your boat, you want it to be long lasting and tough. That goes for the fuel bladder for boats, the anchors and ropes you use, and your coolers. If longevity is what you want, then this is the cooler for you. 

This cooler has some of the best cooling capabilities on this list. In some tests, it's been able to hold ice and keep contents cold for up to five days. That's more than enough for most boating trips, without needing an ice refill in the middle. 

Others love it's military style design, being very reminiscent of a tactical style you'd see in military settings. The design also adds to it's toughness, so it can take almost anything you can throw at it. 

5.	Cubix Marine Cooler

Finally, when buying equipment for your boat many things, such as marine fuel bladders, will come in several sizes. The same goes for coolers, and if you're looking for something small and portable, you'll want to check this one out. 

This cooler holds 10 quarts, and is great for carrying around 10 cans when you're off on a quick boating trip. It still has a lot of neat features though, such as drinks holders and a bottle opener, so you don't need to pack an extra one. The handle is robust too, so you can carry it around without issue. 

Once you've picked up your marine fuel bladders and other important equipment, you'll want to make sure that you've picked up the best cooler for your trip too.


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