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Nothing Left 

To ex-plain,

Found myself

Out of money.

Never One 

To com-plain,

But Today my

Stomach hungry.

Yester-day All my

Clothes  Grungy,

Day before heard

My Life Bu-mmy. 

With soap so sudsy,

Had all a Mine rinsed 

And on The wired line 

Airing out My Laundry.


That was before 

I Fix-ated on My  

Oral B that got 

Caught Up on Dick

Tom And Harry Who 

I let buy Me And for

The night They paid 

Off all My necessities

Lots of White 

Receipts on Me.

Money shots 


Penned ink wells

Dripped  uncontrollably

Although none fell

On the E.P.T.


The Obamas care!

Hooked Me up 

With a Plan Un

Wan-ted Preg-nant 

Bit-ch! that I 

Can Live With 

Un-like this



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