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We at the 

Edge with 

The Cli-ff.

Got I Burn

Ing a Spliff.

The Subject for 

This Lesson is 

“Wh-ich !”.

The Text taken

From  is “ O-h

Fuck this Shit! “.


This Ass Sim-ple, 

I cain say It.

A Scratch the

Surf-ass till 

“ Ass Butt Sore”.

One simple Itch

Really not n’mo-re.

Abs-cessed with 

Stomach up-set

As We Round Table,

Musical Chairs if

Yu have Ears,

Then You are abel.

Narrow Mind Is 

I Sharpen Edged,

Count-er Point

Of Priv-ledged. 

It Hugs the Neck

As Brother’s Best Friend

Before se-ver-ing  

The Ca-rrot-Ed.


We at the 

Edge of

The Cli-ff.

Got I Burn

Ing a Spliff.

This Les-son 

To a Song by

Jim-my Cliff.

Bait and Switch,

Rather to Beat

You With  Stick. 


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