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It's my twenty second new birth
Twenty one years gone saying late Tony Ndilinge
I was one year when evil minds gave him his journey
Holy names were there but i was left to serve his name.

His murder was filed and cleared with unclear details
I still ask even today when I'm turning another year
Who murdered Tony Ndilinge and where is his justice
He didn't write any letter to my people who renamed after him.

So everyday I'm turning a year older
I listens to any voice taking to me
Because i know I'm a extruding from a young cut tree
They saw his qualities in me and named me.

I'm still to know what i don't know
They knew he died and no spirit is haunting them
I'm the reason because his spirit is in me
I'm now old enough to take up the responsibility left behind.

I know his spirit in me, is happy
Singing inside me a new song
Blowing a new candle
Always keeping me strong for the new step.

Yes I'm the living Tony Ndilinge
I'm sworn in after his patriotism
What he hated i will hate
And what he loved i will love and accomplish what he promised

It's my birthday to remind me of his young days
I'm celebrating him in his absence
I promise the wine is our covenant
And the cake is the oath I'm taking.
Happy birthday to me❤️


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